Fruchtig-würzige Rote und Rosés

Am Osthang des Rosaliengebirges, das sich entlang der niederösterreichisch-burgenländischen Grenze erstreckt, liegt das Weinbaugebiet Rosalia. Pannonisches Klima und sandige Böden bieten dort perfekte Voraussetzungen für den Anbau von Blaufränkisch und Zweigelt, die beiden prominentesten Rebsorten des Gebiets.

Promoted – shall we say – in 2018 from a Grosslage to a region, the most recently created specified winegrowing region in Burgenland can already look back on a long tradition of viticulture. More than 2,500 years ago, the indigenous Celtic people recognised the potential of Rosalia for growing grapes and making wine. Today there are 297 hectares of agricultural area planted to the vine, offering first and foremost a solid basis for assertive and spicy red wines, as well as fruit-forward rosé wines of great finesse.

And in addition, Rosalia’s wide and unspoiled open spaces – some of which constitute the Nature Park Rosalia-Kogelberg – provide a home to rare varieties of fruit, strawberries and Spanish chestnuts, in addition to the potential for tourism offered by its proximity to the state capital Eisenstadt.


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